Flat Top Raku Vessel


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Flat Top Raku Vessel

This handcrafted raku vessel is decorated with a copper/turquoise glaze showing beautiful variegated colours. The vessel has a flat top decorated in a unique black bead glaze to emphasise the balance of the piece. This vessel is hand thrown on a wheel, fired once and then glazed.

The raku process then involves plunging the hot (1000 degrees) glazed pots into sawdust. This combustion process gives each pot a unique character with lustre and crackle effects. The clay body starts off white but unglazed areas are turned black by the smoke, these black areas are designed to accentuate the form and contrast with the bright colours of the glaze.

Each raku piece is completely unique as the patternation is due entirely to the random nature of the flames and smoke that are used to quench the work hot from the kiln.

The vessel is made by hand on the potters wheel from high quality clay, giving the piece strength and durability.

Made by Keith Menear of Menear Ceramics

Height 12cm Width 12cm