Porcelain Wall Hanging Vase- small


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Beautiful Handmade small white Porcelain Wall Hanging Vase. Inspired by my time working as a florist in my youth, the pattern embossed porcelain clay is wrapped in a fashion that resembles flowers wrapped in paper. A small hole on the back plate enables the vase to be hung on a wall, door or window frame. This is particularly versatile vessel and can be used for either plants or flowers in an area where shelf space may be at a premium, or where children and pets may knock over a more traditional vase.

The interior of the vase is laft plain and is glazed with a clear glaze. The exterior of the vase is ebossed and left unglazed.

The makers mark is present on the back of the vase

Approximate Dimensions 13 cm wide x 20.5 cm long x 5.5 cm deep.